What if safe and effective abortion pills could be picked up at your local drug store without a prescription or ordered online– all without risk or judgment?

39% of people who end their pregnancies in the US do so safely and effectively with FDA approved pills, also known as medication abortion.1 With these same pills and accurate information, people can safely self-manage their abortion with the support they choose. Many people are already doing this.2

But over the past decade, politicians have passed hundreds of medically unnecessary laws and restrictions that put abortion with pills out of reach for many people who could use them safely.3

If abortion was strictly about medicine, health, and science — and not politics — we would already be able to get this safe and effective method over-the-counter.

Too often, people’s ability to act on their decisions about abortion, their bodies, and lives depend on the power of politicians and things outside of their control. Medication abortion has the potential to give us back that control.

However, medically unnecessary laws and restrictions put in place by politicians stand in the way of making that potential real. The new risk facing someone who self-manages an abortion is arrest – nearly every state has some law that a prosecutor could try to use to arrest and punish a person for their decision. This risk disproportionately impacts those who already face the most barriers to reproductive health care.

Everyone should be able to choose the abortion option that works best for them, whether that is care with a provider at a clinic or self-managing their abortion.

It is time to realize the potential of medication abortion to take back control and enable anyone who chooses this option to end their pregnancy safely, effectively, privately – on their own terms.

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2 Texas Policy Evaluation Project. Texas women’s experiences attempting self-induced abortion in Texas. 2015
3 Guttmacher Institute. Medication Abortion State Laws and Policies. 2019.

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